What does it really mean to brunch?  To us, “brunching” is our time to eat, drink and catch up with friends and family during the weekend. It's also our time to wind down from a long week at work and school before the next one starts up all over again. We are a family of three who can’t find enough time together during the week.  And, like most families, we make it up on the weekends one brunch at a time. This is where our story beings.

We spend our weekends in the city searching for great brunch spots.  We've brunched everywhere from neighborhood bars to the latest "best" (yeah, right) bottomless boozy brunch.  The problem was that we just couldn't find a consistent tasting Bloody Mary.  You know the one.  Bold ingredients with a tangy finish.  The solution was to stop looking and mix it ourselves.  Inspired by the plum, juicy tomatoes and fresh vegetables on display at our local farmers’ markets one Sunday morning, we set out to bring a quality Bloody Mary mix to bars and restaurants in every borough of the city (and beyond).

Life is just too short to drink a bleh Bloody Mary while spending that special brunch time with friends and family. Thanks for letting us share our story with you.  Now, stop reading this and go "Get Smashed Today!" because it's time to put the bloody back into brunch again.

Shari, Bryan, and Garrett (Your Bloody Brunchers)


Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring a consistently great Bloody Mary recipe to bars and restaurants so the Saturday Bloody tastes as great as the Sunday Bloody or an any day of the week bloody. While your brunch squad may change, a great Bloody Mary recipe should not.

Our Beliefs

  • Everyone should have the right to enjoy a bloody
  • A bloody should not be too spicy or too overpowering
  • Garnish your bloody as if your life depends on it
  • Quality is as important as price
  • Enjoy your bloody, but do it responsibly

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to serve a Smashed Tomato Bloody Mary?

On the rocks of course! But we recommend:

  1. 2oz. Vodka, Tequilla, Moonshine or Gin
  2. 6oz. Ice
  3. 6oz. Smashed Tomato Mix
  4. 2oz. Garnish (Olive, Celery Stalk, Lemon, Lime)

Is Smashed Tomato Bloody Mary Mix gluten free?

Yes. Our mix is naturally gluten free, but is produced in a facility that may also handle gluten based products.

What is the minimum amount of Smashed Tomato Bloody Mary Mix I can purchase?

The minimum quantity is one case of 12-32oz bottles of our premium Bloody Mary Mix.

Where can I find Smashed Tomato Bloody Mary Mix?

In a bar, restaurant, or store near you, Click Here

Where is Smashed Tomato Bloody Mary Mix made?

We proudly made in the U.S.A.