rESTAURANT AND bar oWNERS Love Smashed Tomato

Smashed Tomato benefits:

  • Increase profit margin per drink with an average drink cost approximately $2 to make (includes ingredients and labor, liquor pairing may vary)

  • Save valuable prep time with the ready to pour mix (it's as easy as "1-2-3-Pour!")

  • Shelf stable for 12 months
  • Consistent taste and high quality ingredients in every bottle
  • Is naturally Gluten Free
  • Five (6oz.) servings per bottle 
  • Twelve (32oz.) bottles per case
  • Free Delivery in New York City and Connecticut

Want to try our mix before you buy? No Problem.

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Cost and Profit Per Glass of Smashed Tomato Bloody Mary Mix

I freaking love this mix
— Paul, St. James Gate
Very reliable. A smashingly good Bloody.
— Kacie Bash, @bloodycolumbus
“First I want to say I have really enjoyed the gluten free mixes so far. They just taste fresher, maybe it is in my head. This mix does have a little kick to it. Really good mix of flavors. I had the critic try mine, it was to much for her, so I made the next one. In that one I cut the mix with some tomato juice. Then she liked it. I myself, liked it like it was. Just to prove, every one has their own taste. This one for you? Check them out. I give them the thumbs up. “
— Rod Calkins, Calkins Bloody Mary Reviews