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 This page has all of the information that you'll need to learn more about who we are and just how great a Smashed Tomato Bloody really is.


  • Increase profit margin per drink with an average drink cost approximately $2 to make (includes ingredients and labor, liquor pairing may vary)

  • Save valuable prep time with the ready to pour mix (it's as easy as "1-2-3-Pour!")

  • Shelf stable for 12 months
  • Consistent taste and high quality ingredients in every bottle
  • Is naturally Gluten Free
  • Five (6oz.) servings per bottle 
  • Twelve (32oz.) bottles per case
  • Free Delivery in New York City and Connecticut

Who We Are

We feel that life is too short to risk creating memories with family and friends at brunch with a mediocre Bloody. It’s time to bring the Bloody back to brunch.


E-Mail: bryan@smashedtomatomix.com

Phone: (860)-378-5938

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